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Maximizing Space Utilization

lazy susan organizer

This rectangular lazy Susan turntable fits better in fridges than a round one, using the space more efficiently and avoiding unused or forgotten 'dead space'. Tips: Designed for smooth surfaces like wood, glass, tile, and marble. Suction cups may not work on other surfaces.


Smooth 360° Rotatable

Just pull out and spin the lazy Susan organizer for the cabinet, and everything forgotten in the back will be right before your eyes without having to move a bunch of jars and bottles, reducing food waste, and saving you money.

Anti-slip Suction Cups

lazy susan for cabinet

The suction cups ensure that the acrylic lazy susan organizer remains securely in place on the table while using it. This practical design allows for easy removal of the clear lazy Susan turntable. You can easily place it in your refrigerator or cabinet or easily remove it.

Stable and Easy to Clean

The suction cups secure the acrylic lazy susan organizer for the table in place during use, making the clear lazy susan turntable removable for easy cleaning with a cloth and soft detergents. Not dishwasher-safe.

Heart-Centered Design

lazy susan for countertop

Our lazy susans embody a stylish design that stems from a heart-centered philosophy, infused with love to effortlessly enhance your convenience and bring abundant joy to both you and your loved ones. Experience the true essence of gift-giving with a heartfelt touch!

Fit in Most Fridges

fridge lazy susan organizer

This refrigerator lazy susan organizer has a perfect size of 15.7*11.8 inches, fitting in most fridges and holding up to 17.6 lbs of items, much more than a typical circular lazy susan organizer. Also suitable for cabinet pantries kitchen table countertop.

Tool & Assembly Free

This latest fridge turntable organizer is super easy to install in seconds without any tools, fastening quickly and easily to the surface using suction cups and the included instructions. Sturdy and Durable: Crafted from premium clear abs materials, this lazy susan for countertop is built to last without deformation, making it easier to quickly see and grab items inside.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Unique rotation of a rectangular turntable

Nothing to dislike really. I thought this touch was pricey but it turns out to be really effective. The turntable 'rotates' outwards and back again allowing 360-degree access. Genius engineering - very sturdy - and washable. —— mehree.b

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Useful, cleverly designed, and well-made fridge organizer

This clever fridge organizer is a game-changer. With a base held in place by suction cups, the upper tray of the unit effortlessly rotates and swings out, enabling convenient access to items stored at the back or sides of the fridge.

Due to the way the tray rotates, you do have to leave a little bit of space at the back and either side of the unit but this is no bad thing as it aids the flow of cold air around your fridge. —— carissacleansitall

Countertop Organizer

lazy susan for countertop

Cabinet Organizer

cabinet organizer

Makeup Organizer

clear lazy susan organizer

Technical Data

Care Wipe it clean with a soft cloth moistened with water and mild dish detergent or soap.
Cleaning taboos It cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher. Do not use abrasives to clean it. Don't use brushes, wire balls or other scouring materials to clean the surface.
Load Capacity Central load up to 8 kg, off-center load up to 3 kg, 8 kg load when turned out
Surfaces for installation Suction cups for smooth surfaces, such as polished wood, glass, tile, or marble. For other surfaces, there may be problems with suction cups failing to attach.
Temperature range 0 to 40
Material Plastic
Accessible substances Olive oil, coffee, etc.
Size 40*30cm
Non-accessible substances Ethanol, solvent, alcohol over 30%, etc.

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